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The Value of the "CELT Solution"

Do you know the true cost of your Employees? Now more than ever, in this fragile economy it crucial for any company to save on labor costs in order to stay competitive. Let us examine what a typical employee on your payroll might cost you:



Hourly wage
Social Security and Medicare Taxes
Federal Unemployment Taxes
State Unemployment Taxes
Worker's Compensation Average
Hiring and Recruiting Costs
Sick Days/Choice Time, Holidays, Vacations
Total additional costs
Actual cost per hour:

Did you know that flexible staffing can save you money? In order to stay competitive, your company needs to be financially efficient in it's spending. By using a flexible staffing strategy you can convert your fixed cost to a variable cost.  When you need extra workers, contract more employees and utilize a bigger employee pool.  During slow periods use a smaller, more efficient workforce. DON’T be bogged down with unnecessary employee expenses. Avoid the tremendous cost?of training and loss of productivity that comes with hiring and rehiring employees.?Let us provide you with pre-screened employees who are ready to work the first day on the job.

CELT improves your cash flow
in these tough economic times by:

  • Consolidating all of your payroll expenses into one flat rate which includes Workers Comp insurance,
    W-2 processing, certified payroll checks, Social Security & Medicare, state & federal unemployment administration.

  • Handling all recruiting, hiring, and administrate issues.

  • Providing you with qualified workers based on your needs and only when you need them.

  • Handling all worker certification and recertification requirements under state and federal laws.





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