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Fungal remediation mold removal specialist.jpgCelt, Inc. provides your company with Mold Remediation Specialists that will assist you in a comprehensive range of fungal remediation services. Moreover, they will assist you in a cost effective and time efficient manner, with considerations for critical time paths and time constraints realized.

Our Mold Remediation Specialists have extensive experience in providing critical assistance in the abatement of fungal contamination, detailing remediation procedures and restoration recommendations.

Customized fungal and mold remediation solutions

Celt, Inc. is aware that each remediation project is unique, accordingly our Mold Remediation Specialists attention and response is customized to each individual project. Additionally, Celt, Inc Remediation Specialists assess the remediation impact on other building components and post-remediation restoration alternatives that may affect your project.

State of the art fungal remediation equipment and facilities

Celt, Inc. Mold Remediation Specialists are trained to operate state of the art equipment and facilities to provide fungal remediation services. Our Mold Remediation Specialists are fully trained and have extensive experience in mold remediation.

At Celt, Inc. we are committed to providing Mold Remediation Specialists that are familiar with the employment of the latest innovative and cost efficient remediation techniques and methods in order to minimize interruption to your operations, while performing all procedures in accordance with standard industry practice and procedures.

Fungi and mold ever present in your environment

Fungi and mold are present in both indoor and outdoor environments. Fungi have the ability to grow in any environment where moisture is present.

A key factor in the growth and reproduction of fungi is the combination of moisture and any organic material - dirt, dust, wood, etc. Essentially, fungi, grows by digesting the organic material, consequently fungi gradually destroys the organic material that they grow on.

Fungal remediation black mold

Identifying fungi and mold

Fungi are generally visibly identified - usually in the form of black, green, gray, and brown surface discoloration. Fungi have the ability to become airborne and consequently affect indoor air quality levels and health.

In certain areas such as bathroom tile and windowsills, fungi and mold can be removed from surface areas by thoroughly cleaning the contaminated area with a water and bleach solution. However, if you have continually recurring fungal problems you may need the services of a professional mold remediation company.

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